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Hello.  I’m Connor, or what everyone else is calling me “Toxic”.  I’m pretty much a nice dude and good to women, but if you mess with me or my friends, sh%ts going down.  Speaking of friends, I have been good friends with PowerCheezit and ShottyRED, since 2008 before we came into DaChief404.  I met BLACKNEND on YouTube and he invited me to a game with SPARK1com to a map where they were making a movie seen in “The Many Faces of BLACKNEND” in 2008, we were friends ever since.  I will never forget my friends in DaChief404, and will always stay close to them/got their backs for the rest of my life.  My favorite weapons are the Energy Sword, Assault Rifle, and Sniper Rifle.  Peace. =D


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