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 LoLericLoL is an old friend of BLACKNEND from Halo: Custom Edition.  He and BLACKNEND met one day on a server on Halo: Custom Edition by the name of “JackSparrow.”  BLACKNEND told Eric about his YouTube and what he did with Halo.  Eric got excited and looked him up.  He found BLACKNEND on YouTube and contacted him.  At one point, Eric told BLACKNEND that he had a gamertag on X-Box Live and wanted to help BLACKNEND with his machinimas.  BLACKNEND decided to add Eric and allow him to join the crew.  In the first movie, Eric was called by his nickname “Ranged,” (because of his original gamertag “RangedKiller”).  Off screen, Eric enjoys listening to music and watching his favorite show of all time, Red v.s Blue.  He says, “Time is not made out of lines, it is made out of circles.  That is why clocks are round.

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