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 malow626 is an old crew member of DaChief404 Productions.  malow had met BLACKNEND on Halo: Custom Edition.  After playing and typing back in forth, they eventually started to grow a friendship.  BLACKNEND then asked malow to if he wanted to help him with his machinimas.  malow said he would like to, BLACKNEND then added malow to his Xfire messenger so he can keep in touch with him for making future videos.  Eventually, malow told BLACKNEND that he had an X-Box gamertag as well, so they could expand their video making to the X-Box as well.  They then added each other on X-Box, and malow then took his acting skills to the rest of the DaChief404 Crew.  The movie malow first appeared in was “Kayzer’s Revenge.”  He partnered up with BoldAdel after admrilpopnfresh committed suicide, (thanks to Kayzer).  Today, malow doesn’t play X-Box.  He does try to get on occasionally to get in touch with everyone, and see what’s going on with 404.


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