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x5 N 0 W Y


x5 N 0 W Y, or Snowy as people call her, is one of the four and newest female members of the crew.  She was also part of another machinima group called White Center Studios, but left due to lack of ideas for content.  She met BLACKNEND through a custom game lobby while body acting for another machinima director, WHITSENDER,  back in late March 2012.  Ever since then, they became best friends. Snowy is a huge achievement hunter, and she usually collects all of them for 100% completion.  Other than doing achievement hunting, she plays with others as well to enjoy the fun.  Before coming in to the crew, she helps out with machinimas as well as the third movie.  Snowy became great friends with WHITENEND, BLACKNEND, TechnoAngel XD, and Banjo vs Conker.  Sniper Rifles and Rocket Launchers are her favorite weapons and she mostly chooses them for Firefight. 

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