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 xx HAIRBRAIN xx a.k.a Rebekah, is other female crew member of DaChief404 Productions, (aside from HUNTERESS90).  Hairbrain first met BLACKNEND with a different gametag “Hairbrainscheme.”  Her and BLACKNEND became great friends and started to hang out a lot.  BLACKNEND asked her if she wanted to join his film team, she accepted his offer to help with body acting.  She met the other cast members, and she was quickly liked by everyone.  Hairbrain made her first movie appearance in “Kayzer’s Revenge,” where she was the one who knew there was something wrong about what happening.  She eventually went out looking for her friends, but got stopped by muggers who tried to kill her.  She was saved by Kayzer, and somehow she had grown an attraction for him.  However, Evil BLACKNEND then came along and shot Hairbrain, because Kayzer wouldn’t kill her.  But the question remains, will we ever see her again?  Online, or on the movie screen.

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